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Future Directions for


Call for Papers


At the pre-ICIS 2009 HCI workshop, Dr. Izak Benbasat and Dr. Kalle Lyytinen gave a keynote panel on the future directions for HCI research in MIS. They each presented their own views, followed by intensive discussions and deliberations with the audience.


To capture the liveliness of the panel discussion, and to continue the dialogue on the future of HCI research in MIS, THCI will be publishing the write-ups of their presentations in the June issue. In addition, THCI is calling for commentaries that are either direct responses to Benbasat’s and Lyytinen’s views (accessible from the links below prior to the June issue, or at THCI website after they are published) or authors’ own opinions on the future directions for HCI research in MIS.




·         All manuscripts should be submitted to THCI Manuscript Central (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/thci) following the standard submission process. Please refer to the THCI website (http://thci.aisnet.org) for manuscript requirements, including format requirements, reference style, etc.

·         Manuscripts should be approximately 2500-4000 words. Please contact the co-EICs if this may not work for your piece.

·         When submitting your work in Manuscript Central, please indicate that the manuscript is a research commentary, and is for this special section.


The Review Process:

·         Submissions will be reviewed by the co-EICs and/or board members.



·         The special section will be published in the June and September 2010 issues of THCI.


Submission Deadline (early submissions are welcome and will be processed as they come):

·         2010.5.31 for consideration in the June issue

·         2010.8.15 for consideration in the September issue


Manuscripts by the Panelists:

·         Izak Benbasat, HCI Research: Future Challenges and Directions

·         Kalle Lyytinen, HCI Research: Future Directions that Matter



·         Dennis Galletta, University of Pittsburgh, USA (galletta@katz.pitt.edu)

·         Ping Zhang, Syracuse University, USA (pzhang@syr.edu)





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